Derma-Seal has many applications for the Medical Cosmetic Practitioner cosmetic surgeon

Other procedures where Derma-Seal can be used to reduce the risk of post treatment infection.

Derma-seal has many uses in aesthetic procedures 
Anti ageing injection Derma-Seal
Derma fillers Derma-Seal 
Non surgical blepharoplasty Derma-Seal
Microneeding Derma-Seal
Cellfina (cellulite) Derma-Seal
 Derma roller Derma-Seal
 Derma pen Derma-Seal
 Laser - acne scarring Deram-Seal
Mole/wart removal Derma-Seal
 Tattoo removal Derma-Seal
Plasma treatment Derma Seal


  • Anti ageing injection 

  • Derma fillers

  • Non surgical blepharoplasty

  • Microneeding

  • Cellfina (cellulite)
  • Derma roller
  • Derma pen
  • Laser - acne scarring
  • Mole/wart removal
  • Tattoo removal
  • Plasma treatment

Derma-Seal  used after skin injections like botox

Derma-Seal reduce the risk of post procedure infection


Derma-Seal allows you to put on your makeup immediately after a procedure.

Derma-Seal allows you to put your make-up on immediately after a procedure and go back to work or get of with your busy day. Reduce the risk of post procedure infection